The #GIRLSTARPOWER Award is the highest accolade and the most important overall influencer award for the most influential female personality that commits a significant amount of her time, platform, celeb-influence, resources and network to the social upliftment of others, creating platform or opportunity for others, to the greater upliftment of mankind overall, to conservation, climate change, saving the planet, education, or any other initiative to better others and the planet overall, as a combination of overall most actual followers across social media, traction across content posted in the personalities’ official social media platforms, combined with the overall public perception and influence on fans, voted for by most public votes received.

‘The Rockstars’ aka The Rockstar Awards is the 1st Africa Continental awards in history for recognizing the most powerful, highly acclaimed and most influential personalities from the African continent, and personalities from across the rest of the world, with influence on and relevant to audiences on the African continent. ‘The Rockstars’ recognize the most influential personalities of African origin on the planet across music, entertainment, gaming, film, content, social, media, sport, environment and conservation, sustainable fashion, beauty, arts, business and innovation.

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